"Virtual Academy is to my opinion the most exhaustive, efficient and fastest way to learn how to paint I have found on the web thus far. Barry has developed a well-designed series of courses on the web about fundamental principles in painting, and how to apply these principles. The well-structured design courses is giving me the discipline I am looking for in my everyday practice in the studio. I have been fortunate to benefit directly from Barry’s teaching during his workshop in Tuscany. He does share generously his knowledge developed through his personal trials and errors. His approach is unique in terms of analytic understanding; as an intuitive in my way of painting I have found Barry's approach extremely helpful and his workshop invaluable. I do highly recommend Barry's virtual academy course as the fastest way to learn the principles of painting, and how to paint well." ......... Adrienne Sinh, September 20, 2011 http://dailypeinture.blogspot.co.uk/


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