"I returned to painting on very early retirement having missed out on a career in commercial art for family reasons. Like Barry I had spent a lot of money on books but found that they never really seemed to answer all my questions - or in my case, take me much further on. More importantly, I didn’t find them very inspiring. The same with some art magazines and also my art club practical demonstrations. It just seemed to be the same old stuff – very nicely done, but not inspirational, for me at least. A friend at my painting class had been looking on the internet and after getting that referral I looked at the Virtual Art Academy site and was impressed. I signed up to the guest newsletter because I liked the content and layout - and distributed several copies to friends at the class. I then signed up for the web forum and subsequently bought a couple of courses - and then the beginners course. I will eventually upgrade to the full course. I had done a degree program with distance learning before and the Barry's material was very much on a par with the excellent material the UK's Open University produces. Barry also provides not only the answers to a lot of questions not found in the more popular book editions, but deals with so many different facets from the philosophy to the practicalities - coming at it in all sort of useful and thought provoking directions. I feel that the course is clearer and more comprehensive than anything I have seen before. That, coupled with the attractive layout, makes it a joy to study. I nearly forgot to mention that I was very impressed with the high standard of work the other artists were exhibiting on the web forum and I also learnt a considerable amount from their comments, suggestions and discussions. " ......... Eric, UK, January 30, 2011


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