"I had been looking for an online art course for some time when I came across Virtual Art Academy®. I couldn’t afford Art School and there are hardly any that teach the kind of thing I want to learn anyway. I spent a lot of time researching online painting and drawing courses, most of them were very basic and taught only on a beginner level or just didn’t teach the style of painting I love. But when I discovered Virtual Art Academy I was really excited, for it promised to teach me all the things I wanted to learn, and Barry John Raybould’s style of painting is just the style I love and wanted to learn more about. Since buying the course and joining the online campus I have not regretted it. I have discovered so many interesting insights on painting and learnt many useful painting tips, and I look forward to learning more from the wealth of material in the course. Being able to do the assignments at my own pace is another thing I love about the course. Artists, of any skill level, who really love what they do and want to learn more will really love this course which is for the most part self motivating. Also, to be able to share one’s work and progress with other students of the course on the online campus is very rewarding, and is an important source of helpful and constructive criticism. I’d recommend Virtual Art Academy to anyone with a passion for painting and drawing." ......... Felicity Deverell, Northland, New Zealand, July 18, 2013 http://felicitydeverell.blogspot.it/

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