"I’ve been “painting” on and off since I was a youngster and would repeatedly start to progress then get stuck for lack of knowledge, or possession of false knowledge, then quit. In December of 2010, I discovered Virtual Art Academy. After reading everything I could find about it, I committed to the program. I am able to study and do the assignments within the framework of my ever changing and often chaotic schedule. The cost of the study course, not high by any means, is worth many, many times what I paid. Truth is priceless. This is not a “paint-by-numbers” course of study where ones paintings are, or become, reasonable facsimiles of the instructor’s work. Rather one is taught the true essences of good painting, thus the development of my unique style as a painter. The lessons and course have far surpassed my expectations. My work steadily improves, as does my confidence. Barry John Raybould’s Virtual Art Academy is exactly what I was looking for." ......... Rick Harder, Los Angeles, USA, July 20, 2013 http://rickharder.blogspot.com/

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