"It was somewhat of a lucky stroke that I found the Virtual Art Academy --- I was surfing the internet, saw some Virtual Art Academy® videos, and the idea of an online art course appealed to me. I didn't get around to comparing it with other online courses because it looked so comprehensive and I felt it would fill gaps in my art education. On a whim, I enrolled and, shortly after, became aware of the well thought-out way in which it is taught. I am beginning my third year and have definitely not been disappointed. After painting lots of years, taking many workshops, reading art books, and attending private study groups, here I have found new and instructive techniques and processes, if followed with patience, that make drawing and painting much easier. You can work and absorb the material at your own pace and the assignments become almost addictive. Just studying different aspects of artwork of the past the way we do has opened my eyes to not only how to paint, but why we do, and how to make it obvious to others. And the best part, I've become increasingly able to see why masterful art is judged so, and to critique several aspects of my own work. The Virtual Art Academy provides the tools needed. Besides learning from the course material there is also helpful and enjoyable interaction between students not to be missed." ......... Kay Bonanno, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA, July 9, 2013 http://kaybonanno.com/

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