Key Discovery: Use Saturated Colors in the Focal Area

I have discovered many ways to emphasize your focal area. One is to use your more saturated, or “purer” colors in that area to draw your eye there. If you use highly saturated colors all over your painting, you would not know where to look – if everyone is shouting in a room, you don’t know who to listen to. This technique is called contrast of saturation. I painted “Segovia Shadows” in Spain outdoors towards the end of the day (my favorite times for painting).

At this time of the day the warm setting sun emphasized the redness in the shutters of one of the small windows. It was a scene ready made for a focal point using color saturation. Because of the falling light and shifting shadows I had to paint extremely quickly to capture this scene and the color relationships before they changed drastically. I probably finished the complete painting in about one hour. I had backed up to a wall so I would not be disturbed while painting, needing all my concentration to paint quickly.

When I finished I turned around and found about a dozen people had clambered up on to the wall to watch the performance!

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