"Whether you are a beginner, an experienced painter, or a teacher, the Virtual Art Academy has much to offer. The lessons are comprehensive, well designed and will augment any professional workshop or class you attend. I have found the guidance and philosophy behind the program is sound and motivational. Each month the multifaceted program offers new videos, a profile of a master painter and their work, the opportunity to critique a painting ( comprehensive critique method introduced in the program), books, articles new apps and more. The VAA’s structure enables aspiring artists to calibrate their own development pace, while experienced painters design their preferred path. Your online campus/community access provides sharing of resources, and an opportunity to post and review assignments. It is your choice to what degree you get involved in the online campus activities. Participants are from all over the world and it is truly a global community. Finally the administrative management of the site by Jacqui Seddon, who is very accessible, is superb. Questions and issues are dealt with promptly. Even if you are technically challenged, like me, the instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow. Barry John Raybould has designed a very unique, interactive, cost effective and rich educational opportunity." ......... Margaret Nowak, MA, USA, September 15, 2015 http://margaretfairnowak.com/


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