What our students are telling us...

These are genuine comments from our students, who are painting across the globe. Click on their websites or blog links to see some of their work.

"As a professional painter with 30 years experience I'm very glad to have found the Virtual Art Academy. Despite having worked with many great teachers in great art academies all over Europe, I still find that the exercises in the Virtual Art Academy are more than useful. The information is scientific, clearly presented and often the missing link. A simple exercise which should take a few short hours can present so many potential applications that I am often still exploring it months later. It has been a real asset and there is a very nice sense of excited community among the members." ......... Tom Byrne, Florence, Italy, August 19, 2015 http://www.tjbyrne.com

"I have been working through the VAA course for over a year and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their painting. There is a huge amount of information on the site and it is well presented and regularly updated and added to. When other members have commented on work I have posted I have found it really useful. When I review my work over the time since I started the programme I can see improvements in my composition and use of colour." ......... Sue Downie, UK, August 20, 2015

"I found this art program very helpful in advancing my oil painting abilities. I wasn't a beginner so I went thru it faster than normal but the first few units were especially  useful. I really appreciated the value studies and the alla prima painting lessons. " ......... Gayle Phipps, USA, August 21, 2015

"I learned a lot in the Virtual Art Academy. The lessons are very organized and well thought out. The course is thorough, giving you all the information you need to know to be a successful painter. The rest is practice, practice, practice. It is easy and fun to post work and participate in discussions on the online campus. The concepts of Notan and Visual Music and Poetry attracted me to this course from the very beginning." ......... Jane Thanx, USA, August 24, 2015

I have been a student of VAA since 2011. I had been searching for an online art program that could assist in helping me develop as an artist. VAA is a complete program for beginners as well as advanced students of art. The course is well structured and takes you step by step so you gradually learn and understand the nuances that are essential to develop as an artist. The online academy is highly helpful. The feedback that is given helps a lot in encouraging one's artistic ambitions. I would recommend the VAA program to all who are interested in the intellectual as well as practical side of art. The analysis of Old Masters and contemporary artists work helps one to evaluate one's own work and set goals. The breakdown of topics and assignments helps one to fully understand and assimilate the principles. The improvement in my own work has helped to reaffirm that I have found the right program to develop as an artist. ......... Manushalini Nandwani, India, August 27, 2015

"Whether you are a beginner, an experienced painter, or a teacher, the Virtual Art Academy has much to offer. The lessons are comprehensive, well designed and will augment any professional workshop or class you attend. I have found the guidance and philosophy behind the program is sound and motivational. Each month the multifaceted program offers new videos, a profile of a master painter and their work, the opportunity to critique a painting ( comprehensive critique method introduced in the program), books, articles new apps and more. The VAA’s structure enables aspiring artists to calibrate their own development pace, while experienced painters design their preferred path. Your online campus/community access provides sharing of resources, and an opportunity to post and review assignments. It is your choice to what degree you get involved in the online campus activities. Participants are from all over the world and it is truly a global community. Finally the administrative management of the site by Jacqui Seddon, who is very accessible, is superb. Questions and issues are dealt with promptly. Even if you are technically challenged, like me, the instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow. Barry John Raybould has designed a very unique, interactive, cost effective and rich educational opportunity." ......... Margaret Nowak, MA, USA, September 15, 2015 http://margaretfairnowak.com/

“If you are serious about improving your art skills, and circumstances don’t allow you to drop everything in order to attend art school, then the Virtual Art Academy may be the ideal solution for you.    It is thorough and well structured with lots of support from your fellow students.  Excellent instruction which can be picked up when your schedule allows.  And at a fraction of the cost of the other top schools.  It’s been wonderful for me.. maybe it’s the right solution for you too." ......... Bob, Alaska, USA, September 5, 2015

"This is a far more superior school than anything I have seen being taught at colleges across the country and have learned much more from the Virtual Art Academy® than from any art course I have ever taken! I cannot begin to tell how the Virtual Art Academy has improved my observation of potential compositions in my daily travels. Because of the VAA2 I find myself looking at trees/buildings/landscapes as shapes and not as structures, etc. I find myself looking at values more closely and observing strong and weak notan in a particular subject as I go out and about. Thank you so much for VAA2, just one disagreement though; the Virtual Art Academy is not just the best online course, it is the best course period." ......... Steven Jorde, Idaho Falls, ID, USA, June 1, 2015

"Anyone who participates in the VAA workshops, will be impressed positively.  Barry John Raybould has the experience and knowledge to teach others what to look for in paintings. Students learn concepts about composition - what holds a painting together - that most people never hear of. I would recommend the Virtual Art Academy to anyone interested in learning what fine art is really about. I also recommend his YouTube video series “Secrets To Success” which delineates the VAA system of instruction, step-by-step." ......... Luis Soto Jr., New York, NY, USA, August 18, 2015

"I’ve been “painting” on and off since I was a youngster and would repeatedly start to progress then get stuck for lack of knowledge, or possession of false knowledge, then quit. In December of 2010, I discovered Virtual Art Academy. After reading everything I could find about it, I committed to the program. I am able to study and do the assignments within the framework of my ever changing and often chaotic schedule. The cost of the study course, not high by any means, is worth many, many times what I paid. Truth is priceless. This is not a “paint-by-numbers” course of study where ones paintings are, or become, reasonable facsimiles of the instructor’s work. Rather one is taught the true essences of good painting, thus the development of my unique style as a painter. The lessons and course have far surpassed my expectations. My work steadily improves, as does my confidence. Barry John Raybould’s Virtual Art Academy is exactly what I was looking for." ......... Rick Harder, Los Angeles, USA, July 20, 2013 http://rickharder.blogspot.com/

"I had been looking for an online art course for some time when I came across Virtual Art Academy®. I couldn’t afford Art School and there are hardly any that teach the kind of thing I want to learn anyway. I spent a lot of time researching online painting and drawing courses, most of them were very basic and taught only on a beginner level or just didn’t teach the style of painting I love. But when I discovered Virtual Art Academy I was really excited, for it promised to teach me all the things I wanted to learn, and Barry John Raybould’s style of painting is just the style I love and wanted to learn more about. Since buying the course and joining the online campus I have not regretted it. I have discovered so many interesting insights on painting and learnt many useful painting tips, and I look forward to learning more from the wealth of material in the course. Being able to do the assignments at my own pace is another thing I love about the course. Artists, of any skill level, who really love what they do and want to learn more will really love this course which is for the most part self motivating. Also, to be able to share one’s work and progress with other students of the course on the online campus is very rewarding, and is an important source of helpful and constructive criticism. I’d recommend Virtual Art Academy to anyone with a passion for painting and drawing." ......... Felicity Deverell, Northland, New Zealand, July 18, 2013 http://felicitydeverell.blogspot.it/

"It was somewhat of a lucky stroke that I found the Virtual Art Academy --- I was surfing the internet, saw some Virtual Art Academy® videos, and the idea of an online art course appealed to me. I didn't get around to comparing it with other online courses because it looked so comprehensive and I felt it would fill gaps in my art education. On a whim, I enrolled and, shortly after, became aware of the well thought-out way in which it is taught. I am beginning my third year and have definitely not been disappointed. After painting lots of years, taking many workshops, reading art books, and attending private study groups, here I have found new and instructive techniques and processes, if followed with patience, that make drawing and painting much easier. You can work and absorb the material at your own pace and the assignments become almost addictive. Just studying different aspects of artwork of the past the way we do has opened my eyes to not only how to paint, but why we do, and how to make it obvious to others. And the best part, I've become increasingly able to see why masterful art is judged so, and to critique several aspects of my own work. The Virtual Art Academy provides the tools needed. Besides learning from the course material there is also helpful and enjoyable interaction between students not to be missed." ......... Kay Bonanno, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA, July 9, 2013 http://kaybonanno.com/

"The Virtual Art Academy® program is really comprehensive and gave me all the information and directives to learn painting in one package. The material is very well organized, just beautiful to look at and motivating to carry through. The online campus is a wonderful place to meet other artists and receive critical feedback on my progress - a place to make and meet friends. I started with the program in June 2012, to learn oil painting from scratch. Just one year later my paintings have start to sell." ......... Thomas Ruckstuhl, Waengi, Switzerland, July 8, 2013 http://thomasruckstuhlart.blogspot.de/

"I felt the need for a structured program to further my love of painting. I liked the Virtual Art Academy® examples of lessons that were in International Artist Magazine. On perusing the Virtual Art Academy website, I found that it was most informative. I spent a fair amount of time looking at the different modules and finally decided to take the plunge and joined the Course. That was roughly 6 months ago. My only regret is that I didn't join earlier. Working with fellow artists from all over the world has been very rewarding and encouraging. The notes are concise and to the point. Barry has designed a wonderful course" ......... Ricky Liebenberg, Somerset West, South Africa, June 24, 2013

"I had been trying to learn on my own for several years before I joined the Virtual Art Academy®. Other teachers often offered helpful tips or clever tricks to improve various aspects of my work, but their teaching range was limited to a specific medium or subject. None of them provided a broad-based education in the fundamentals of art and design that I desperately wanted. I was long past college age and couldn’t imagine returning to a formal school setting to obtain a new degree in art; it would have been too disruptive to our family life. Virtual Art Academy offered exactly the kind of program I needed — a thorough, home-based, self-paced program that would lift my skill level from “hobbyist” to “professional.” I started with the basic, beginner program but within a month realized I wanted a lot more. I upgraded to the full program and haven’t regretted it for a moment. Much of our learning takes place as students evaluate and comment on both masters’ and peers’ work. It is through these evaluations that we learn to identify similar situations in our own work (sometimes problems, sometimes strengths), learn to recognize appropriately applied theory, consider alternative approaches to problems, and verbalize our artistic intentions. So our full participation in the online community helps our own work as much as it may benefit those whose work we comment on. Although Barry himself keeps a largely hands-off approach with the online campus, he is available to address major questions that occasionally arise. This means that the students do not sit back silently, awaiting Word from the Great Leader, but rely on one another for any direct, day-to-day feedback. This keeps the creative student discussions active and lively, which benefits us all. (Besides, it’s fun to interact regularly with fellow students from around the world.) Since applying myself to the Virtual Art Academy assignments, my work has noticeably improved in technical skill as well as in range and maturity. I work confidently in more than a single medium now, and have developed a good-sized body of work. One of my assignment paintings hung in a national show last spring." ......... Charlotte Mertz, Fort Myers, FL, June 21, 2013 http://charlottemertz.com/gallery

"After weeks and even months of searching YouTube, "googling" and spending a fortune on art instructional books I finally came across the Virtual Art Academy®. When it comes to purchasing online I am always very careful how I spend my money. Especially when I already spent a small fortune on art books. They always seemed great: presenting wonderful tutorials - and beautiful colorful paintings as a result. You then tend to think you will be able to create something equally beautiful after completing particular tutorial. Unfortunately not the case! I discovered that these tutorials only gave me the fish, not the fishing rod. Barry gave me a fishing rod so I can catch my own fish. The course is well planned, the lessons are clear. Simple. And I can always repeat the assignment as much as I want. And that's what I was looking for. It opens one's mind. It opens my eyes to all aspects of art. I see now the scene I want to paint and I think of values, preparation for the notan painting, colour. I can plan how I want to paint the scene or portrait. It's brilliant. What I really like about Virtual Art Academy is that it takes it all apart and puts it back together. Starts from scratch, comes back to basics. It gives a fantastic foundation. It does what it says on the tin." ......... Dagmara Zaręba, Ireland, June 18, 2013

"I am finding the materials easy to follow and realistic about how much time it takes to become a better artist. I have taken a number of "beginner" classes in drawing, painting, perspective and composition. None of them were truly for beginners like me. I enjoy the simple steps. They enable me to plug them into my busy lifestyle in small time increments." ......... Gwen, San Francisco, USA, May 23, 2013

"I think the course is wonderful. It is fantastic value for money, and I feel I have learned more in the last few months since I started the course than I did in 3 years at art college! This is the real 'nuts and bolts' of how to draw and paint and surprisingly it is information which is difficult to come by in such a complete way. I have nothing but praise for the course and the materials. I also like the way that the student is kept 'current' with the monthly newsletters and assignments rather than purchasing the course and being completely left to it. The whole thing is, as I say, completely wonderful!" ......... Claire, Leighton Buzzard, UK April 26, 2013

"First of all the program is well explained. It seems it is just a matter of proceeding through the reading and DOING the assignments. Even though the doing is being emphasized, I especially appreciate the fact that the instructions are well written and the supplementary resources are provided for reference (I learn by copying others). I have embarked on covering the entire program and from what I have read and practiced so far, the program seems to be logical - ie it is building on my foundation by explaining and practicing skills needed to execute a painting." ......... Margaret, St Albert, Canada, April 14, 2013

"The course is really excellent, and now I have read quite a bit am feeling able to return assignments and participate actively. I really would recommend the course to anyone. Thanks so much for the course, I wish I'd found it years ago and saved myself many frustrating hours trying to work things out for myself.." ......... Gloria, Victoria, Australia, Canada, March 23, 2013

"Now that I have retired from teaching, hope to pursue the course more seriously. I have printed out all of the notes and put them in a binder with tabs, etc. I must say, I am an educator myself and I am so impressed with the complete course! Barry takes a difficult concept and simplifies it through his explanations, the layout and many photos. He has made learning to paint a pleasure." ......... Pat, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, January 21, 2013

"I have tried (and failed) to find a class where I would be taught the basics of drawing and painting, to no avail. Every class I have been to tends to be based around giving a subject to draw and some pointers, but no real teaching of the foundation. I don't have the time or funds to do an art degree, but I'm afraid that even there the knowledge is assumed and more emphasis is given to conceptualizing art rather than teaching traditional art which is what I'm interested in. I find the lessons in Virtual Art Academy® fills the gap and is the next best thing to the old 'atelier' method." ......... Nadia, Edinburgh, UK, January 9, 2013

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for painting! The course at Virtual Art Academy® has been a turning point for me to take my painting a quantum leap forward. The feedback and community spirit on the online campus has been vital in keeping me going and not giving up on my artistic aspirations. Along with the incredible course content that you have created, the international community at Virtual Art Academy is something I value highly. I've learnt so much in the past two years doing this course BUT I'm sure I wouldn't have learnt HALF AS MUCH if I didn't have the opportunity to discuss and see what the others are doing." ......... Joanne Scerri Valentino, Lija, Malta, January 5, 2013

"First of all, let me say, I love the course and have recommended it to all the painters I know. It's been invaluable to me. I'm progressing slowly, having taken the summer painting time to cement the notan concept into my routine before going on to another unit. My tendency is to rush through everything, but I'm making myself incorporate each lesson before moving on. So, I'm going slow. I can't think of anything I would like to see added. It's really great! I print each unit out as I go, put them in the sheet protectors and then into a binder. It's great! I hope I can get one of my friends to buy the course also. I still have visions of a bunch of us using it to make a little school." ......... Ginny, September 10, 2012

"My main reason for joining the Virtual Art Academy® is to obtain a solid, all-round technical foundation, in a structured manner that I can work through at my own pace. I have been painting as a hobbyist for about five years, and quite quickly found that people were asking (and paying) for me to paint pictures of their horses, cats and dogs. Very flattering and it pays for the paint and canvas of course, but the more interested I became, the more I started to read books on art (and visit galleries, etc.). And the more I read, the more I realized my limitations and, basically, ignorance. Some pictures work, some don't, and I couldn't tell you why! After reading a couple of issues of International Artist I came to two conclusions: I believe I could be as good as the artists whose work I saw there, but that I was never going to get there unless I applied myself much more than I had been doing. But just doing more of the same thing was clearly going to take me several lifetimes to work it all out on my own!Giving up my day job and going to art college is not an option, so I need a way of obtaining as near to the same information as I would get by going to college. Getting a certificate or diploma is completely irrelevant to me, it is just the knowledge I want. I also wanted something that was structured in a professional way (I have a BSc. honours degree and some experience in my job of developing and presenting educational material) that would address "art technique" in a holistic manner, rather than piecemeal. The series by Barry in International Artist made me check out the Virtual Art Academy, and even though I tried to diligently find alternatives, there doesn't seem to be anything on the planet that is quite like the package being offered in the Virtual Art Academy. As I mentioned above, being able to work on the material at my own speed is very important." ......... Morgan, Huddinge, Sweden, September 5, 2012

"I have been very pleased with the Virtual Art Academy program. I feel I am both learning things about making a better painting and also reviewing things I was taught YEARS AND YEARS ago! I have looked at some of my paintings and realized that they are not the great paintings I thought they were. They are lacking in good design mostly. I have been painting scenes and not good compositions. My values are okay, but the balance is off. I find myself checking, squinting, and assessing every painting. I still have much to learn and just know this program will help me to learn it! Thanks for the opportunity to do it on line in such an organized, complete way. The fact that I can do this at my own speed and in my own time is perfect. I lead a fairly busy life and find this can be worked into it with ease." ......... Barbara, Waterford, USA, August 10, 2012

"The course is working great, the lessons are set out so well that every week I can see growth. In following the program it's given me direction, and the information in the lesson plans are of a professional level. There is no way I would have tracked down the information by myself, and being in a rural area the online campus provides enough interaction without being too much of a distraction. My hope for joining the Virtual Art Academy® was to gain proper art/painting instruction and I haven't been disappointed. It is has been so much more than I expected. The course has a steady learning curve that keeps keeps revealing itself as you advance." ......... Dirk Rampling, South Pambula NSW, Australia, June 8, 2012 http://www.dirkrampling.com.au/

"The Virtual Art Academy® is a really systematic and comprehensive resource for my exploration of painting. I can learn principles from the course material and gain understanding more through the assignment and discussion blog. Barry is wonderful in that he paints excellently and doesn’t stint on sharing." ......... Carrie, Kowloon, Hong Kong, May 31, 2012

"The questions you ask yourself are,"Will it be worth the cost?" and "Will it be truly useful?". After a couple of weeks working on/in Virtual Art Academy®, I can say that the amount of work it represents - by Barry - is incredible! The information presented alone is more than worth the price and, yes, it is a real course that trains you in a structured way. It's very well done." ......... Jon Main, St Victor La Coste, France, November 17, 2011 http://roadtotarascon.blogspot.fr/

"First of all thank you Barry for sharing your "gems" with us. In the past 15 years I bought about 250 books about painting, I can´t resist when I see one. And in spite of that, I found a lot of things that were completely knew for me. Once I have started to view everything, I couldn´t stop reading anymore. The lessons are very detailed and well structured and the learning path is so easy to follow, that it is a joy to read the units. It is only 5 weeks I started with the painting course and since than I learned so much." ......... Wilhelm, Germany, February 2, 2011

"I returned to painting on very early retirement having missed out on a career in commercial art for family reasons. Like Barry I had spent a lot of money on books but found that they never really seemed to answer all my questions - or in my case, take me much further on. More importantly, I didn’t find them very inspiring. The same with some art magazines and also my art club practical demonstrations. It just seemed to be the same old stuff – very nicely done, but not inspirational, for me at least. A friend at my painting class had been looking on the internet and after getting that referral I looked at the Virtual Art Academy site and was impressed. I signed up to the guest newsletter because I liked the content and layout - and distributed several copies to friends at the class. I then signed up for the web forum and subsequently bought a couple of courses - and then the beginners course. I will eventually upgrade to the full course. I had done a degree program with distance learning before and the Barry's material was very much on a par with the excellent material the UK's Open University produces. Barry also provides not only the answers to a lot of questions not found in the more popular book editions, but deals with so many different facets from the philosophy to the practicalities - coming at it in all sort of useful and thought provoking directions. I feel that the course is clearer and more comprehensive than anything I have seen before. That, coupled with the attractive layout, makes it a joy to study. I nearly forgot to mention that I was very impressed with the high standard of work the other artists were exhibiting on the web forum and I also learnt a considerable amount from their comments, suggestions and discussions. " ......... Eric, UK, January 30, 2011

"Virtual Academy is to my opinion the most exhaustive, efficient and fastest way to learn how to paint I have found on the web thus far. Barry has developed a well-designed series of courses on the web about fundamental principles in painting, and how to apply these principles. The well-structured design courses is giving me the discipline I am looking for in my everyday practice in the studio. I have been fortunate to benefit directly from Barry’s teaching during his workshop in Tuscany. He does share generously his knowledge developed through his personal trials and errors. His approach is unique in terms of analytic understanding; as an intuitive in my way of painting I have found Barry's approach extremely helpful and his workshop invaluable. I do highly recommend Barry's virtual academy course as the fastest way to learn the principles of painting, and how to paint well." ......... Adrienne Sinh, September 20, 2011 http://dailypeinture.blogspot.co.uk/

"I purchased this program about 8 months ago. I have been studying and applying the lessons for the past six months, I try to paint everyday now. My work has improved as evidenced by the juried shows I am getting into. I recently won 1st place in a large regional show. Up to then, I had an one honorable mention in 12 years. I have been painting for 12 years now and my progress was inch by inch. The course work has improved my art by leaps and bounds! Its nice to win something, but I get my satisfaction and enjoyment in just painting better today than I did yesterday." ......... Edward, July 22, 2010

"I do not regret having bought the full program. This program gives me a pathway to paint correctly and this is the way that I need to move forward because until now I worked on my random thoughts which does not provide results. Now when I sit to work, I do not ask myself what to do. I do my assignments and I see a big difference when I do a painting. The modules are clear and comprehensive even for someone who is not a native English speaker." ......... Lewis, July 1, 2010

"The Virtual Art Academy® program is excellent in its detail and nature of progression. I know that I can 'feel the progression of skills and confidence', plus enthusiasm generated by being active in the 'virtual learning environment' online and experiencing peer assessment. Although I have painted throughout my life I have never studied art theory and Barry's fine detailed study guides really help me a lot. I draw up mind maps for the theory and follow the guidelines to the 'point' i.e. doing the number of studies suggested rather than just the number required for submission online. I just love each and every day knowing that I am going to learn something new and acquire new painting/drawing skills." ......... Christine Pointing, June 10, 2010 http://christinepointingssmalldailypaintings.blogspot.co.uk/

"I am so glad I enrolled, as it has given me a more organized approach to my painting. I did some courses before, but not such an exhaustive program, so I am following The Learning Path - Full Program route. I am doing everything from scratch, even though I have been painting for a while. This way I thought I will not take anything for granted, but will definitely get better in my painting. I am enjoying the challenge of the course and am glad we are asked to do so many pieces in some assignments, as I hope to be doing them concurrently. I was glad to have the overview, so that I know how the pieces of the course fit in together." ......... Geeta, USA, February 15, 2010

"The Virtual Art Academy Program is excellent. There are so many times, while reading, that I said wow. I’ve got so many books but none of them is so complete. I think I’m going to put them aside for a while. I wasn’t sure which learning path I should take so I start from the beginning. I believe I’m going to learn many thinks from all these assignments. The Online Campus is an excellent idea too. This is the first time I can upload my work for other fellow artists to see and say their opinion and discuss art issues with people from all over the world." ......... Demetris, Cyprus, December 18, 2009

"I am totally thrilled to have this valuable information at hand thus I do it and study everyday. As a self taught artist I have never had "formal" training and that was a burden... now I follow the structured course and I am so very happy. No frustrations...When I paint I follow the steps as suggested by the course, this makes life so much easier...now I enjoy painting. I have just started on the Unit for Alla Prima painting....I can hardly wait to get my paints going and not to worry about detail...another frustration. I can go on and on with this but as far as I am concerned it IS A MUST PURCHASE for all artists amateur and professionals. We never cease to learn...Why not do it the right way." ......... Georgia, Canada, November 5, 2009

"I love the program and have printed out everything. WHEW! There's a lot of information there. I now have some very large binders of information and lessons to go through. I'm going through them page by page and practicing what is taught. I truly appreciate the way in which it's written. It's very easy to understand and if I do have a problem, I know where to go to get any answers. Thanks again and I look forward to learning more from your program." ......... Christie, USA, August 28, 2009

"I want to let you know how happy I am with your courses. They are exactly what I needed, and I had searched for a long time for most comprehensive materials. I am confident to say that your courses are truly unique, honest, and written with so much passion. You are generous in sharing your knowledge and your dedication in helping others is evident. Thanks for giving me great tools and vision to be a better artist." ......... Jo, USA, August 27, 2009

"I bought the Virtual Art Academy course last year and have been slowly working my way through it - painting, thinking, looking. I find it straight forward and practical. It is full of essential information on techniques and materials that you won’t find elsewhere, certainly not scattered at various sites on the internet! My husband is an amateur photographer and also has used concepts from this excellent course. I find the photos of paintings placed throughout the course "worth a thousand words" because as artists we remember things better when we have visualized them. Painting is a complex endeavor! No wonder it is a life-long pursuit. With the help of the logically presented courses in the Virtual Art Academy, you can’t help but make progress in your art work. I highly recommend them." ......... Audrey, France , May 2006

"Painting, in my opinion, is one of the most complex of endeavors and there are so many aspects of it to learn. Barry has obviously spent an enormous amount of time compiling the information from his own experience in workshops and from his own painting. I highly recommend the Virtual Art Academy courses for both beginners and advanced painters who want to really put it all together." ......... Kathryn Townsend, Olympia, USA, February, 2006 http://kathryntownsend.com/

"I knew that I was missing the basic tools to enable me to complete a painting completely on my own and have been searching for years - purchasing books and materials trying to get the information that you have single handedly provided in an informative neatly organized manner. No more searching, you have covered it all! Thank you for taking the time to condense this vital information to enable me to succeed as an artist." ......... Lily, USA, August 14, 2005

"I was able to do the VAA program over a year ago. Why mention it now?  Because I still refer to it, and want to perhaps do it again in acrylic (I did oils). Best to you.  You are the finest program I have done." ......... Vincent Alagia, Baltimore, USA, August 20, 2015

I have been a Member of VAA for about two years now.   I started with the old course and then started again with the new one which I have found very much easier to use.   Having said this, I have found both courses excellent from a “user friendly” point of view.   I have found that, working through the exercises again from the beginning has been very worthwhile,  and I have really learnt a lot about the basics of making a painting, drawing,  composition, colour, and all the intricacies that go with these subjects.   The course is very comprehensive, so that one feels that one is getting a wonderful grounding which is what I missed with doing a BA Fine Art degree thirty years ago.    So, yes, I can’t wait to do my next exercises, and I enjoy doing VAA very much!   I know I have learnt a lot but need to do a lot more. ......... Jennifer Johnstone, South Africa, August 27, 2015 http://www.jennyjohnstone.co.za/


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