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The Virtual Art Academy® online painting course is a flexible and affordable alternative to taking a degree course in Fine Art and Painting at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy.

Why Our Online Art School Is Different

1.Comprehensive & Structured

2.Information At Your Fingertips

3.Knowledge You Can Trust

When you join our online art school you get the Virtual Art Academy® Reference Library of 48 Art eBooks that covers all you need to know about oil & acrylic painting techniques, notan and other media such as watercolor and digital media.


The result of a fifteen year research project, by professional artist Barry John Raybould, this library contains information on how to paint you will not find anywhere else.


You can download the complete library to your iPad or tablet to study anywhere, anytime.

​When learning how to paint you need to avoid getting into bad habits that will eventually slow down your progress and learn best working practices right from the start.


The Virtual Art Academy® online art school curriculum was entirely authored by a successful professional artist with a long list of exhibitions, galleries, and top awards to his name.


Uniquely we provide advanced painting lessons for professionals as well as beginners to raise your art to the level of museum quality.

​The Virtual Art Academy® online art school four-year curriculum contains 192 painting lessons, broken down into 16 workshops and 350 focused assignments.


As a beginner you will systematically learn to paint in oils, acrylics or watercolors, one step at a time and see your paintings steadily improve.


You get the same structured learning experience you would get at a prestigious Art University or Art Academy, but you can learn to paint at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

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